Social Media is Word of Mouth in 2018

Before you write me off and say owning and managing a restaurant is too much of a grind to put time into social media let me tell you I get that. I am 100% empathic to that fact. Time & Money are the most valued assets. I’ve lived in operations for 14 plus years. This is about attention growth that leads to sales growth with zero to very little financial investment.

In 2017 9 out of 10 word of mouth conversations about brands are online.

There are countless stats about sales and decision-making when it comes to consumers on social media. The fact of the matter is word of mouth is so powerful because it is trusted and genuine. As the conversation shifts to being online knowing how to leverage this fact with crucial for your future marketing plans.

Coupons, Groupon, are all expensive and lack the connection and personalization that social media provides. Yelp ads draw in more negative reviews than positive (expect more content on this topic).

The most powerful action you can take immediately is to respond 100% of the time to posts by guests from your business. Imagine a guest has a great breakfast at your restaurant and you respond to that post a couple hours later. They are alerted, excited, and then tell and show the people they are around about your comment. Then they talk about how great it was to them. It is simple but it is a numbers game. If you do this every single time you will see a return from it. To the outside, it shows followers or potential guests that your business has a personality and is genuinely excited about their participation in your business.

Here is one rapid-fire tip for each of the big players find me on facebook

Facebook — ads are underpriced and highly customizable
Use posts to share WHY you are the best in what you do, then target those posts against your demographic. find me on twitter

Twitter — Digital cocktail party. Use search to find specific topics and jump in the conversation. It lets you lend your expert insight without being a pushy salesperson. You never know who is close to you that you may be able to collaborate with. find me on instagram

Instagram — Right now there are 239 million #food posts on Instagram. Goes to show food pictures are popular. You can post pictures all day long but how are you going to grow your audience? Promote Instagram posts internally (tagging your location) and then as mentioned above comment on the posts.

BONUS INSTAGRAM TIP — use Instagram search for your location and see who is posting nearby right now and popular posts nearby. You can DM these users who have a large following and invite them in to trade food for posts. Especially useful if you are a health conscious restaurant as fitness users have very large followings on Instagram.


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Snapchat — Use stories to create exclusive limited-time deals or offers. Invite your followers to screenshot the offer and show it at the register. You can track the number of times a screenshot is taken for these posts and then run that against actual redemption to see what posts and offers have the best return.

The best advice I can give you; start. Simply start by responding to every single post about your business. Create a personality and so with sincerity that you genuinely care about their presence in your restaurant and community.

As always if you have any questions please DM me! @mthorpxxi on Instagram and Twitter. Message me here on FB I love to connect!

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mike thorp