Starting a Restaurant is Insane. And you’re good with that.

Starting a Restaurant is Insane.

And you’re good with that.


Long days. Busy hours. Food safety. Kitchen employees. Service employees. Guests with high expectations. 
These are just during a day to day shift, not even including managing product, finances, and health department. Yet for some reason, you read those two sentences and you can feel the thrill and adrenaline of a great service.

do you have a vision?

See as restaurant operators our people and our guests are the motivation. As restaurant owners, the ability to stamp a vision and direction on that motivation is even more fulfilling. Odds are that you have an enormous amount of ideas. Without streamlining your vision you cannot clearly communicate your expectations of how your team will get your restaurant to this vision. Next, you need to develop your training program.

The interview process is the first step in training. Your future employees need to understand your goals as well as what they can expect from the environment they will be working in. If your culture and being bought into your vision are important to them before day 1 they have a greater chance of succeeding and therefore so do you.

Often times a training program revolves around physical items; how to prep or cook a dish, how to seat a table, steps of service. All very important but what about the intangibles of hospitality?

it starts with you

Gratitude & Sincerity. You as the Owner, General Manager, Manager, feel this towards the guests that picked you. Take a long hard look in the mirror and see if your team shares those same values. Teach your team that whatever city your restaurant is in there is competition and your guests chose you. While you will cook or serve hundreds of plates today, that guest only gets one. When you treat that guest and opportunity with gratitude & sincerity then everything else will fall in to place.

Does your interview process reflect your commitment to your vision? Is your training program teach this perspective? Do your people live it every day so it is infectious to new team members and to those who have been having a tough time? 
Take time to reflect on training you have experienced or that you provide and think about what percentage of it is physical training and training of the individuals’ mentality.

Thank you so much for your attention! Engagement is very welcome. Message me anytime.

Mike Thorp

mike thorp