4. What is one of the most important lessons a restaurant owner needs to learn when marketing their restaurant?

Execute within your four walls first. If you hire someone to create an excellent campaign for you and you’re not able to deliver that experience to guests you are faced with a classic over promise under deliver scenario.

Your team should be aware of all marketing initiatives to answer any potential questions fluidly. It would be painful to invest in a really well-done campaign and have a guest call to ask about it and the person answering the phone isn’t aware. Remember, your employees are your best marketers.

With external marketing make sure to tell your story. Most restaurant marketing today focuses on price. String a few commercials together and you’ll be blasted with only $X.99 over and over. It is important to provide value however in your marketing you can convey quality food and atmosphere.

Your employees are your best marketers.

The goal is to appeal to a crowd of what will be your biggest fans first, not the biggest fans at the best deal first. This strategy focuses on building loyal guests who are more likely to return for who you are as a restaurant instead of how much money you can save them. It is a long-term investment but one that is well worth it.

With social media the biggest lesson you can learn is be consistent and show gratitude as often as possible.

mike thorp